How to Create a Present Moment Mindset

You Are Not Alone

Our lives are chaotic and busy, and we are so focused on the past and the future that we often forget to simply be in the moment. The present is happening right now, yet so many of us take it for granted and don’t appreciate the small elements of life that make it powerful and special. You can train yourself to stop and be in the moment, finding inner peace and tranquility just by following a few simple guidelines.

Focus entirely on a specific action

Take some time to focus on a specific moment. Stop everything you are doing and concentrate on one thing only. This allows you to ground yourself in one task and completely clear your mind of everything but the present moment. For example, make a cup of coffee and consider how it tastes when you drink it. Concentrate on how the warm cup feels in your hands. Consider the blend of flavors. What’s the temperature as it touches your lips? All goals, concerns, and objectives should leave your mind. By focusing on one action, you will be able to appreciate and enjoy the small, seemingly insignificant actions in life. You’ll feel calmer, more at peace.

Switch off your phone

Screens are an integral part of our lives. But we are forever checking our emails or social media and are always connected. Take some time to switch off your phone and tablet. Disconnecting for a short time will allow you to focus on what you’re doing in the present moment. Perhaps have coffee with a friend or engage in discussion, focusing on nothing but the conversation or the activity.

Go for a walk

A walk is one of the best ways to achieve a present moment mindset. It allows you to clear your head of unnecessary or intrusive thoughts and concerns for a short time. As you walk, consider where you are. Appreciate how the ground feels beneath you and what the temperature of the air might be. Think about the sounds of nature and isolate all other distractions. This will allow tranquil, calming thoughts to fill your mind as you enjoy being outside and concerning yourself only with what is around you.

Consider what you appreciate in the present moment

In our busy lives, we can forget what we are grateful for and what we enjoy. Take some time out to write, think about, or even record a list of things you appreciate. For example, you might appreciate your family, friends, your job, or your house. Did you get to eat a meal today? Consider what brings you joy in the present moment and this will allow you to feel a sense of positivity, warmth, and excitement.

Consider your senses

We take our senses for granted. Smell, taste, hearing, touch, and sight allow us to experience the joys of life. They are so powerful and important and yet many of us don’t take the time to appreciate them. As you go for a walk, take in the surroundings around you. Take ten minutes of your day to sit still. Allow yourself to clear your mind, thinking of nothing but how your body and senses are responding to the world around you. This will allow you to be present in the moment, to fully experience that moment.

By taking some time out of your day to be present, you will find yourself happier, calmer, and more grateful for the smaller parts of life. We could all learn to take a moment to stop, think, and enjoy every second of our day.